Much Ado About Nothing Is A Romantic Play Written By W. Shakespeare

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The play much ado about nothing is a romantic play written by W. Shakespeare.
It revolves around the life of people living in a village. In the text the author explores the theme of marriage from men and women’s point of view.
While this play might look plain and simple, it follows a repetitive pattern which permits Shakespeare to expose the point of view of love in the renaissance form men and women’s point of view in each of the steps of love used in this text, marriage, wooing, the way the wedding develops and how much love weighs and is seen by society. Shakespeare’s suggestion that this play that describes the point of view of marriage is developed through the process of wooing, wedding, and how love is viewed in society. While love is one of the main subject through this complex but plain book we also have an in depth description of how people act.

First of all, in this play wooing the first part of love is a major part of it, it’s expressing one’s love towards another and consists in proving to someone that you really love him or her. In this play wooing is held much importance as seen at the start of the play. It permits one to secure a woman’s hand and heart as seen at the start of the book when Claudio “woes”(he asks his friend Don Pedro to woe Hero for him, there are therefore many ways to woe a person) Hero. It is also seen in the masked ball that is held in the first act of the play as we see many persons seducing (wooing) their future potential partners. In
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