Much Ado About Nothing Renaissance Women

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Alice Walker once said, “The most common way people give up their power is by

thinking that they don’t have any.” In William Shakespeare’s play, Much Ado About Nothing, he

portrays two noble women in the Renaissance who react very differently to their position as

women in a male dominated society. Life during the Renaissance was a patriarchal society. As a

result, women were belittled, unappreciated and disrespected. Young women were expected

marry whoever would give them a social advantage in society, instead of marrying for love. The

father chose whom their daughter would marry, and the girls would never disagree. While Hero

conforms to the female expectations and role of a traditional Renaissance woman by being

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Woman during the Renaissance were put under pressure in the sense that society’s

expectations were believed to be a norm that every woman was inclined to follow. This social

pressure of their roles in society is understood very differently between Hero and Beatrice. Hero

complies to the pressure of being a traditional Renaissance woman by showing unwavering

obedience towards men. Beatrice disregards tradition and challenges society’s perception of the

true worth of women and their roles because she is headstrong. Today, women are similarly

pressured to be “delicate, fragile and feminine.” Women today sometimes feel restricted from

doing things they enjoy for the fear of appearing too manly or queer. Hopefully, one-day women

don’t feel the need to act in a certain manner to appeal to others like Hero, and learn to accept

who they are and say what they wholeheartedly believe like Beatrice. Although society is

becoming more accepting to all types of people, there will always be a stereotypical person

judging women according their gender. One day the world will find the heart to accept everyone

regardless of society’s
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