Much Ado About Nothing by William Shakespeare Essay

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Much Ado About Nothing by William Shakespeare

The play has comedy, romance, suspense, action and a lot of drama
twisted into several hundred lines of verse. In the end, however,
everyone is happy and not a lot changes. Thus, Shakespeare shows the
reader that although the play is enjoyable and witty, it really is not
a very important piece of literature because of its subject matter.
The play is important because it shows us that life itself is
similarly enjoyable and foolish - our lives are "much ado about

Undeniably, the play is about nothing; it merely follows the
relationships of Claudio and Hero, and in the end, the play concludes
in the two other main characters falling in love,
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At the beginning of the play, Claudio and Hero eventually come to
admire one another, and Benedick and Beatrice play off each other's
wit in a manner that is all too cosy. The irony is that, were it not
for the fuss created over the nothingness in between, the play would
indeed be about nothing. The middle section of the play centers on the
false assumptions of Benedick and Beatrice, as well as the lies told
to Claudio about Hero's supposed death. Considering that the saga is
thus based around lies and assumptions, which both amount to nothing
in terms of the truth, we can conclude that the drama is indeed about
nothing. Not even Don John manages to remove the nothingness from the
play: he purposely invokes lies about Hero and Don Pedro, which
eventually amount to nothing when Hero and Claudio are united. In
fact, the irony is that Don John's evil produces good in the end,
because it provokes the crisis of the play, and results in a
strengthening of love.

The idea of noting is also continued throughout the play, and is
particularly shown by the changing relationship between Beatrice and
Benedick. They play games with each other's wit, which in the end
amounts to nothing because they fall in love. At one…