Much Ado About Noting

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Blindness is only a disability to those that are mentally eyeless. Shakespeare being a man of keen mental sight, he has had the ability to portray mental blindness in several of his plays. Being one of the best writers, he is actively able to capture the four elements of a well-made play being peripetiea, denouement, timely entrances and exits and incredibly gripping scene entrances and conclusions. Having written 38 plays with two original plots, Shakespeare expresses his themes through passionate romance, sorrow filled tragedy, inviting history and hilarious comedy. One of his most famous comedies is the play called, Much Ado About Nothing. In this play the comedic aspects greatly emphasize the important theme of self-knowledge.…show more content…
By this hand I love thee.” They continues to love each other by having the desire to get married and following through with this desire. Also, in matters not concerning directly to them they also demonstrate self-knowledge. When Hero is shammed at her own wedding, Beatrice and Benedict are the only two who seem to believe that she has been wronged. Benedict even verbalizes this when he states while talking with Beatrice, “Surely I do believe your fair cousin is wronged.” In continuation, both characters are allowed to be made aware of Hero’s false death along with knowing that Claudio’s second bride is Hero herself for they were a part of the conspiracy. These are examples of self-knowledge because they are able to perceive reality for what it truly is rather than at face value. In contrast to Beatrice and Benedict, characters Claudio and Don Pedro do not possess self-knowledge. Because of this they are unable to see the things for what they are. By definition, vanity is excessive pride in your own character or abilities. Due to Claudio and Don Pedro’s vanity, they are unable to acquire self-knowledge. These men demonstrate their vanity in multiple ways. One way they do this is by refusing to admit to having any flaws. They prove this when they accuse, judge, condemn and even punish Hero, running her good name. The ironic part is that the crime in which she is accused of is a falsity in which was set up to deceive Claudio and
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