Much Ado about Nothing: Birth and Rebirth

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What is death? Death is the “great unknown”, and that is why it is so frightening. Death is inevitable, everybody encounters it. The very idea of death strikes fear into many people’s hearts. Yet, is death always the end of one’s living? In William Shakespeare’s play, Much Ado About Nothing, various characters experience a symbolic death and rebirth, which is rather interesting and surprising. The characters undergo changes that help enhance the plot. In the beginning of the play Claudio, Benedick and Beatrice hold strong beliefs and opinions which gradually change as a result of outside influences, therefore leading to the symbolic deaths of these characters. Then as the plot progresses towards the dénouement Claudio, Benedick and Beatrice return to life with different perspectives and goals to achieve. The death and rebirth of these characters are necessary, as the events that occur in between help evolve the characters while also developing the characters. Much Ado About Nothing develops the idea that death and rebirth is not literal, but can also be interested as an internal change. The characters Claudio, Benedick and Beatrice encounter death in different parts of the play. Their deaths are similar to the death of a caterpillar which slowly turns into a chrysalis and hangs on a tree branch for weeks. Claudio’s suspicious nature is the cause for his symbolic death. Claudio’s death occurs when he believes Don John’s shocking false accusation against Hero, which proclaims
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