Much Needed Changes in the US Education System

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The United States used to be ranked higher amongst other countries when came to education. People came from all over the world to study here. Unfortunately, for the past years it have been ranked in the twenties amongst other countries based on standardized testing. Now its time to revamp our education system, but the question is where we should we look. Based on student performance, the only countries that have proven that most components of their system works is Finland and Korea; Finland being ranked one and Korea ranked two. In order for the U.S. education system to move in a positive direction we must make significant changes in the structure of our system. First we need to raise the qualifications for becoming a teacher because in some states you don’t even have to attend and educational school; all you have to do is pass a test. Secondly, we need to expand the time of school so that teachers have more time to teach the kids and the students can have more interaction with the teachers. Although this is where we need to look, we don’t need to adopt their entire system. Becoming a teacher in the United States is fairly easy compared to other countries. In order for the students to get the best education possible they must be taught by the best teachers. On page 85, Amanda talks about how the U.S. stress such emphasis on the medical school process. I totally agree with her when she states that the teacher-training process should be just as important and

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