Muckraking and the Progressive Movement

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The movement consisted of a wide variety of people and groups, all unified by the idea that a basic change in economic principle was required to remedy the ills of the Western world. While there was a wide divergence of adherents all referring to themselves as "progressive," there were a number of unifying ideals that cemented them all to this ideal. As such, a journalistic ideal known as "Muckraking" created a media platform for promoting the ideas and ideals behind Progressivism. According to Faragher et al. (2009, p. 559), there were three attitudes and two sources of inspiration that bound Progressive thought to a central ideal. The first was a general negative sentiment over excess in terms of industrial capitalism and urban growth created by those in political and financial power. At the same time, there was also a basic optimism regarding the ability of ordinary citizens to effect the changes perceived as necessary for a better society in general. The second attitude was the view of society and economics from a viewpoint of cohesion rather than individualism. The ills suffered on both platforms, according to Progressivism, was the result of broken cohesion within society and between society and the economic basis that should sustain it. Finally, the third attitude was the need for citizens to do all they can to intervene for better circumstances and a better life for…
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