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Executive Summary
The report includes the summary of Lanka Fashion Leather Products Company (company) which was successfully operating for several years having about 150 employees without any trade Union (TU) activities. The Issue arose when 75% of the work force formed a branch Trade Union of a registered TU sponsored by a political party. After two formal requests sent by the TU to the management, demanding a discussion related to employment issues with the senior management and since there was no response from the management the TU had to resort a strike action even after extending the 14 days provided.
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But concerning the smooth relationship (ER) between the employee and the employer and moral/ethical values in the work place it is important to keep the management informed on such activities. It’s believed and proven that a Employer with High morals/ Values have less Employee related issues and such employer who operates under legal framework would not discourage a TU activities yet more would be more concern of the Employee relation and transparency, therefore it’s necessary to inform the employer on the grounds moral/values.

Question 2
Should the employer have given an opportunity to the union to discuss these matters with management? Is it a legal requirement?
Yes, the employer is legally bound to discuss matters with a TU that has 40% of employees as its members. According to the Industrial Disputes (Amendment) Act, No. 56 of 1999 stipulates under the title Unfair Labor Practices that no employer shall: refuse to bargain with a trade union which has in its membership not less than forty percent of the workers on whose behalf the trade union seeks to bargain.

Question 3
Was the employer under a legal obligation to deduct the union membership fees from the salaries of member employees?
No, the employer is not legally obliged to deduct the Union membership from the salaries of the member employee, but the member has to pay a membership fee to the Trade Union which
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