Mueller's Indictment Of Paul Manafort And Rick Gates

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After Mueller’s indictment of Paul Manafort and Rick Gates on Monday, many Americans have begun to wonder what Mueller’s next move will be. A look into what Mueller’s probe into possible collusion between the Russians and Donald Trump is currently doing also may have came into focus on Monday. Trump’s former foreign policy advisor George Papadopoulos admitted to making false statements to FBI agents about making attempts to set up meetings between Trump campaign and Russian officials. Papadopoulos is now giving Mueller information about other people that may have been involved in collusion or that violated federal law. The fact that Manafort is being indicted at the moment means that he likely did not talk like Papadopoulos. Trump still won’t necessarily be indicted, but these recent indictments mean that this is only the start for Mueller, not the end as Trump hoped.…show more content…
My reaction to this article is one of excitement as some type of progress seems to be occurring in the Special Counsel’s investigation. News of Mueller’s moves in the coming future is important to follow because they will likely play a major role in how the United States develops over the next few
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