Mugg & Bean Marketing Analysis

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The world is ever changing, businesses are constantly trying to find ways to improve and stay ahead in their respective markets. One must be the very best at what one does in order to survive.
In order to be the best , the Famous Brands subsidiary, Mugg & Bean should be in touch with the world around them. It is necessary to engage in Environmental scanning, which is a 360° process done externally as well as internally. Environmental scanning should be done continually in order to ensure that Mugg & Bean functions at optimal level.
Environmental scanning will be performed by making use of various tools which can be used to analyse the Micro, Market and Macro environments respectively.
A SWOT Analysis will be performed in order to analyse
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The menu has been designed to meet the needs of any consumer on the lookout for pleasant, yet informal dining experience. Their target market is the 25-49 year category and their LSM is 8-10. Mugg & Bean’s Target Market is Families and friends, business meetings as well as relax and pass time customers. The business has three trading formats for consumers to choose from, namely the standard-full sit down experience, Mugg & Bean Metro and finally Mugg & Bean of the move. A Mugg & Bean patron is someone who is unpretentious and someone who feels relaxed in a comfortable environment. In short, a customer who frequents Mugg & Bean is an individual who can identify value for money, an individual who has a healthy appetite and a person searching for convenience. Their menu is constantly being innovated so as to ensure that the brand remains unique and a popular choice amongst consumers.(The menu is updated every winter and summer.) Wining the Caxton Leisure Options “Best Coffee Bar” category for 13 consecutive years is by far one of the brand’s most notable

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