Muhammad Ali Biography Essay

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Muhammad Ali was born on January 17, 1942 In Louisville. One day Ali’s bike had been stolen. Someone had suggested that he should report it to a nearby police. Ali reported it to a traffic cop named, Joe Martin. Joe ran a boxing gym in the basement of the convention hall. He took Ali to the basement. Right when Ali got there he was in awe of all that the boxers were doing. The sights and sounds and smell of the boxing gym excited him so much that he almost forgot about his bike. Right then at that moment was when Muhammad Ali discovered boxing.

The world’s undisputed world champion of boxing, Muhammad Ali, did not let his race stop him from reaching his goals of becoming the best. One of his big obstacles was Ali getting drafting into the
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Fortunately, some of the local Louisville aristocracy had noticed Ali’s success and taken an interest in him (Conklin 26-27). One of these people were, Billy Reynolds, who would inherit the Reynolds aluminum foil future. He became a supporter of sorts to the ambitious young boxer. After High School, Reynolds saw Ali’s talents and was interested. He offered him to let him train with him for no money and to give him a job so he would earn money as well.

In 1967, after twenty years since Jackie Robinson and Joe Louis. Ali had set the standard for behavior for the JRstar black athlete (Conklin 14). Ali also got married to Sonji Roi, a beautiful cocktail waitress and model. She was a year older than Ali and had an eight-year old son from a previous marriage. The marriage only lasted less than a year because, Roi refused to listen to the Muslim strict dress and dining codes. In 1970, when Ali got his boxing license back, a outspoken segregationist tried to block it (Conklin 74). That day he declared a statewide day of mourning.

Muhammad Ali is still here today. Unfortunately, in 1984 Ali was diagnosed with Parkinson's syndrome (Conklin 91). It is a neurological condition similar to Parkinson's disease but without the disease’s degenerative pattern. After that, Ali rarely talked about boxing. His days as a boxer were behind him. But the sport in general will always be with him
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