Muhammad Ali

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Throughout the history there have been many famous people who have lived in this country. Some of them were actors, politicians and even athletes. And out of them one of the them all. one of was a gifted boxer named Muhammad Ali. Ali made is first marked as an amateur, then as professional. Ali went through many hard trail in his life, and one of them will change the future. Which will alter lead him to become the greatest Muhammad Ali. Ali is one of the most famous boxer of all time. Ali has many interesting facts about his early life,amateur career, Olympics career, personal life, professional boxing career Vietnam War, and resistance to the draft. Ali became one of the most respected boxer of all time due to his accomplishment during…show more content…
Olympic boxing team due to his boxing skills. later, Ali traveled to Rome and Italy to compete in boxing match. At the high of 6 feet 3 inches tall, Ali was an imposing figure in the ring. He was known for his powerful footwork, and powerful jab. After he won the Olympic gold medal Ali was known as an american hero. During the 1960s Ali was seemed unstoppable because he was winning all of this match with knockouts. in 1963 Ali defeated British heavyweight champion Henry Cooper and then later, He knockout Sonny Liston in 1964 to become the heavyweight champion in the world. Sometimes Ali referred himself as the "Greatest" Ali was a famous quoted person and in one of his quote he told the reporter that he could float like a butterfly, Sting like a bee" in the boxing ring. Ali has been married four times and he has two sons and seven daughters. He met his first wife Sonji Roi about one month before. Ali married his first wife on August 14,1964. But later they divorced on January 10, 1966 due to her objection to certain muslim clothes. On August 17, 1967, Ali married Belinda Boyd. After the wedding she converted to Islam. Later, they had four children. Couple years later Ali began an affair with Veronica Porsche and actress and model. in 1977 Ali's second married was over, and he had married Veronica Porsche. At the time of their marriage they had two child. By 1986 Veronica and Ali were divorced. On november 19, 1986 Ali married his

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