Muhammad Ali Knocked Out By Parkinson 's Disease

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Muhammad Ali Knocked Out by Parkinson 's disease. ” I will never fight again,” said Muhammad Ali after his last fight (Denenberg 70). Researching Ali makes us feel stronger, inspired and sad that Parkinson 's took something from him that he loved and enjoyed. The only reason Ali wanted to fight was because someone had stole his new bike from the library when he was twelve. He told the police officer that he wanted to beat up the thief. The officer told Muhammad that he better learn how to fight, before he starts challenging people. (Denenberg 1) To begin Parkinson 's disease is a degenerative neurological condition. Symptoms worsen over time and there is no known cause. It is not considered to be a fatal disease. Nearly one million people suffer from Parkinson’s. Approximately four percent are diagnosed before the age of Fifty. Every person that suffers from Parkinson’s may experience various symptoms. People with mild Parkinson’s may experience tremors as a primary symptom, while others might experience problems with balance. (Dittmer 14) Service dogs can be used to help keep balance (81). People may have trouble swallowing causing them to choke more while eating (Abramovitz 17). Family members or friends might notice changes in a person’s posture, walking ability or facial expression . (15-16) The symptoms of Parkinson’s are followed. These are some Moderate Parkinson’s symptoms can be noticed with movements on both sides of the body, or the body starts to move more

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