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The Greatest of all time
Cassius Clay, the great, Muhammad Ali, all the names given to one of the most influential African American people in the history of the world. The impact and decisions that occurred in Muhammad Ali’s life even today have affected the way African Americans life is. Most people know Ali as being one of the greatest boxers of all time. He was also nicknamed by many as the champ. All that is true and yes he was one of the greatest boxers of all time and that is a fact. Those are the most common facts about Ali, the facts that the average common person knows but many don’t know much about the other side of Ali. The side that stood of for his rights and what he believed in even though many people in the country scrutinize him and his decisions. There is also a personal side of Ali that people didn’t support about his personal life. Ali’s marital fidelity is a question fans and researchers have entertained. His familial life is also another area in which there are many questions about Ali’s life.”Many people not agree with the religion that Ali was born and raised in and why did some of
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When he return it was obvious that Ali had lost some of his touch. He wasn’t the same boxer that he once was before. On March 8, 1971, he challenged Joe Frazier, who had become heavyweight champion was Ali was away in jail. This fight was huge and was called “Fight of the Century.” Frazier won a unanimous 15-round decision. Ali later bounced back in other fights against George Foreman and later had a rematch against Frazier and he won these fights. People disliked some of Ali views on things and some of his actions but it was more so because the truth sometimes hurts. People have a problem with change at times and a lot of what Ali did nobody had ever done before. A lot of what Ali believed in a lot of people believed in too but weren’t brave enough to have the courage to step up and say what they believed
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