Muhammad Nasir: The First Crusade Toward Muslim Spain

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Alfonso who had been appealed by Pope innocent III to act crusade toward Muslim Spain, fled to Toledo to rescue themselves in their encampments, Not so long that the retaliation was issued since the death of Ya’qub in 1199, after the lawful successor Muhammad Nasir was not well-experienced king neither in administration to ruling the state, nor conducting warfare. By 1212 brought with him 600,000 troops from valiant armies of south of Spain and imported to complement north of African militias, to repel back the crusader mobs in the district of Las Navas. This reluctant king disproved the tactic from both of his counselors and major general, to consider his impromptu strategy being implemented, in corollary indeed, thousand of battle-seasoned armies were desperately slain. This defeat made its way of subsequent glories of Christians in traumatic discord, dashing down all protracted balance in Andalus and north of Africa.…show more content…
Instead of stopping the tide of Christian form the north, the Muslim fall into disorganized system and destructive civil war, culminated in obliterated all vestige of the supertiousity and prosperity of its civilization, so that one by one of Muslim territories were overtaken in rapid. In second quarter of thirteen century, the central Muslim government had been paralyzed only into kingdom of Granada, the place for every Muslims who preferred to live safely as the salves of Castile rather than freeman overthrown into disastrous
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