Muhammad, Prophet and Statesman Essay

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Throughout the life of Muhammad he had many qualities that enabled him to interrelate with people. He was well known for his trustworthiness and superior qualities that were to later on help him achieve the greatest achievements both as a prophet and a statesman.

One of the biggest achievement of Muhammad as a prophet was the way in which he preached the message of Islam.

Muhammad was given `the literal, uncreated words of God' in which he had to spread them to the people of Mecca.

These words were given to in such a way that they could not be distorted, but he was still contradicted by many people of Mecca. It was evident that adversity would occur.

The first converts were Khadija, his wife, and Ali, his cousin. There was also
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The fact that the words that came out of him rhymed allowed others to believe that his message was factual.

According to Geoff Teece, "Muslims do not believe he was divine, but thy do believe his message was."

His `magnetic personality' (Ghulam Sarwar) allowed him to successfully convert Arabs to Islam without force but tactics.

When he took his followers for the first pilgrimage to Mecca, he was refused entrance and was told to come back the following year. This is where the treaty of Hudaibiyah arose, announcing that any Qureysh Muslims that had left there families were to return back to them.

This was one of the tactics Muhammad used which made him achieve the broadened the message of Islam further. The followers he sent back went back with the message of Islam, where they went and preached arising more converts to Islam.

Ibn Ishaq called the treaty of Hudaibiyah,

"The greatest victory ever won", because Muhammad was wise and humble, did not use weapons or anger but peaceful talk.

Muhammad was forty years old when he became a prophet. His age meant that people in Mecca had a lot of respect for him which would help him spread is message.

Maxime Rodinson states that Muhammad was `charismatic' which allowed him to communicate freely with others and make him approachable at all times, helping him be successful in his exertion as a prophet.

Muhammad was consistent with his message and whatever he preached he practiced. His authority in

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