Muhammad and Jesus

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Assignment: Muhammad and Jesus Paper.
Submit a 1250 to 1500-word paper in which you compare and contrast the lives of Muhammad and Jesus in relation to each perspective religion Complete the following steps in your paper: Trace the lives of Muhammad and Jesus historically Compare what impact the death of each had on their perspective religion Describe the way each individual was or is worshipped Explain how their messages are being carried out in the world today


Muhammad and Jesus of Nazareth are two of the most religiously influential people of the world today. Their impact and contributions to the religions of Islam and Christianity has affected many aspects of our everyday lives; for some this impact is
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The account of this story is that while travelling with his parents to the city of Jerusalem for Passover. Jesus was inadvertently left behind and was later found among rabbis within a temple having an in-depth conversation over the Torah. It is said that even as a boy, Jesus was gifted with immense knowledge and understanding of Jewish traditions, and a well had established a personal connection with the God. An example of this connection can be witness in his reference through pray to God as “Abba”, which is an Aramaic and Hebrew term for the word Father (Fisher pg. 289).
No further reports are made within the Gospel on the life of Jesus until eighteen years later, at which point, it is stated that Jesus appears before John the Baptist on the Jordan River seeking baptismal. At that time, John was calling people to the River for the purpose of repenting their sins and become sanctified and through immersion in the river they would become spiritually purified. John was reluctant to perform this ceremony on Jesus, under the premise that he (Jesus) is believed to be without sin; however, it was Jesus that insisted. One interpretation behind this, as Fisher explains, is that this was seen as Jesus’ “consecration to God as the Messiah” (Fisher pg. 290). An additional theory offered, is that he (Jesus) was undergoing this ceremony of baptismal on behalf of all mankind. Lastly, is it said that the baptism was
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