Muholi by Zanele Muholi

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There are different methods of analysing various symbolic forms such as art, music, literature and photography. Methods developed by B. J. Thompson encourage one to look at key concepts such as reference – to what broader ideologies the artwork makes reference –, structure – the interaction between various elements of an artwork –, intention – any interpretations that the artist may or may not have intended to be communicated through his or her work –, convention – the rules or codes upon which interpreting an artwork relies and govern the way it is generally created – and context – the framework of an artwork that influences its situation and the situation of the viewer when it is being interpreted – in order to analyse an art work. Zanele Muhloi’s ‘Miss Lesbian I’ is a photograph that was taken in Amsterdam in 2009 by Sean Fitzpatrick. The following essay will look into the way that Muholi used and broke conventions of pageantry and photography in order to communicate her intention. To do this the context, structure of the photograph, conventions and how the image makes reference to society will be analysed. Zanele Muholi is a lesbian photographer and visual artist. In her work, Muholi explores the politics of homosexuality in South Africa as well as black lesbian and gay identities. (Artsy, 2012). By doing self-portraits and photographing those of the homosexual community, her intention is to make visual statements and challenge the views that society has about gays and
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