Mullelr and Glial Cells Essay

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This experiment was done to determine the main purpose Muller cells, a type of glial cell, and its cell regions have in the body. The Muller cell’s endfoot was of particular interest, and scientists wanted to observe the affects the endfoot has on conductance and resistance, as well as its overall purpose. The results from this experiment could then provide us with a more generalized view of the purpose that other glial cells, especially astrocytes, have in the brain. It was hypothesized that if most of the Muller cell’s conductance was located in the endfoot, then the resistance in the endfoot would also vary significantly compared to the rest of the cell and this would have huge impacts on how potassium ions removed from extracellular solution after an action potential.
To begin, scientists gathered Muller cells from salamanders. They then took the whole cell, inserted electrodes into the cell, and measured resistance as current flowed through to get a baseline measurement of the cell’s resistance. It was hypothesized that the endfoot has the biggest impact on the flow of ions across the membrane, and therefore the cell’s resistance and conductance. So, the resistance of the cell was once again measured, but this time with the endfoot removed from the cell. It was expected that if the endfoot of the Muller cell was the region that had the biggest impact on resistance, with the endfoot removed the resistance of the cell would increase. Scientists also decided to…