Muller's Varying Political Uses Of Populism

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It is argued that since the 2008 financial crisis there has been varying political uses of populism. Muller (2015) suggests that populism can be a result of political anxieties, either as a threat to the democratic system, or as a corrective measure for politics which are considered unrealistic for the majority of people. He argues that populists claim to represent authenticity and suggest that they are morally pure, yet not corrupt. However, Muller rejects the idea that left wing politicians can be described as populist, and argues that they must reject this label and should already be on the side of the people (pp. 80-84). Muller’s theory is contrary to some left wing politicians in Europe, who are described as populist. However, it is argued that most politicians oppose to being described as populistic, as it is traditionally seen as something which is in opposition to mainstream politics. Lauclau (2005) describes how populism is either downgraded or dismissed. He postulates that most…show more content…
Moreover, Aughley (2007) implies that populism could take a left wing approach, although this would be a multi-ethnic ideology compared to the anti-immigration right wing approach. He explains that the growth of populism is a reaction to the popular style of democracy being undeveloped, and the executive form of democracy was too strong. His interpretation of the contemporary form of populism is that ‘the people’ are much better educated, and no longer need guidance from the elites on what to think or what to do (p. 105). It is suggested that the public today are much better educated; however, this is not necessarily in a political context. Aitchinson (2017) describes how democracy is a topic which should be taught in schools both in the UK and US. However, Aichinson worries that this is not the case, which results in young people showing little or no interest in voting and
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