Multi Agency Working Together

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Report appraising how the multi-agency team can help to safeguard children’s rights.

The focus of this report is to demonstrate how multi-agency teams show best practices in safeguarding children’s rights. This report will look at the history of safeguarding and how safeguarding incidents have changed government legislation. This report will include how safeguarding policy contributes to the development of children in the Early Years and will reflect on how the multi-agency team promotes best practice. In addition this report will look at the meaning of safeguarding, looking at the signs/symptoms and types of abuse. Research into this report will look at the barriers multi-agency teams and practitioners are faced with
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Neglect could occur to unborn babies during pregnancy if parent fails to look after both theirs and babies health with the misuse of drugs/alcohol and smoking. Neglect includes failure to provide medical care and act responsibly to safeguarding the child. Not providing adequate nutritional food to aid development. Symptoms can be:- * Smell, dirty and inappropriate clothes and poor personal hygiene. * Non attendance or constantly late for school * Underweight, always tired or poorly * Poor understanding and language skills 1.2 What is a policy in relation to safeguarding? Policies are put in place by the government then sent to the Local Authority who will then work with the setting to adapt the policy looking at safeguarding the holistic child. The aim of a safeguarding policy is to support the 5 outcomes of the Every Child Matters (ECM) to ensure all children are:- 1. Being Healthy 2. Staying Safe 3. Enjoy and Achieve 4. Making a Positive Contribution 5. Achieve Economic Well Being Safeguarding policies are put in place for all staff working with children to be aware of the signs and symptoms of abuse and how to follow the correct procedures. According to the safeguarding policy
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