Essay on Multi-Agents for Decision Support Systems in E-Systems

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With the advent of e-systems; business and consumers have access to a plethora of information which makes the decision making process more complex. The overwhelming information flow makes it extremely difficult for decision makers to analyze the available data and make precise decisions. Under such an information intensive online environment, businesses need to make real time intelligent decisions in order to stay economically and commercially viable. Multi agent systems have the inherent ability to facilitate provision of an adequate decision support mechanism in an e-business setting. These multi –agent decision support systems are of particular assistance in processing large amounts of data, filtering out irrelevant
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Computer systems that have the inherent capacity to take decisions when required are referred to as agents. These systems are designed to make intelligent choices according to the situation. These agents when operate in a rapidly changing environment where real time decision making is required are known as intelligent agents. Typical examples of a multi-agent system include a computer program that would perform an internet search for a typical query. The agent would synthesize the relevant information from various web sources and return a document that would carry relevant information based on our query (Weiss, 1999). Based on the prelude, we may define an agent as “An autonomous, reactive, pro-active computer system, typically with a central locus of control that is at least able to communicate with other agents via some kind of communication language” (Weiss, 1999)
1.2 Decision Support Systems and Web Based DSS
Decision support systems on the other hand have been an important addition to the computerized support in various activities particularly with respect to providing a solution to managerial problems. Computerized decision support is now being widely employed in multi varied disciplines such as research support, disaster management, medical support and supply chain management etc. After the
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