Multi Channel Signals

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“The deluge of multi-channel signals has produced an array of concentration- related problems, including lost productivity, cognitive overload, and wearying diminishment in our ability to retain the very information we consume with such voraciousness” (Lorinc 401). Voracious is being eager in one activity this is a great way to define me while I am on my phone all day long. Lorinc statement in the article indicated is true; we humans lose productivity because of these new technologies and having Internet does all our work for us. For this reason I am not able to live without browser, but I can live without a car. The browser benefits my daily routine that I have whereas not having a car will keep me active and help me save money. I am involved with the new generation technologies nowadays that I cannot imagine myself without my phone, and for this reason my cellular device and other electronic devices are a huge impact of my “life”; for this reason, I would be so lost without my phone. My phone benefits my daily routine life by having the ability to communicate with my friends and family. If I get lost in the middle of nowhere I can use the GPS which is provided for me on my phone to get to my destination. On the other hand, the browser that is provided for me on my phone allows me to read the recent breaking news in the province and country that I am living in. For example, a few days ago I logged onto to my Facebook account and went through my news feed and read that
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