Multi Communication Systems : Multi Platform Management Systems

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Multi-Plateform Management Systems

Multi-Platform Management Systems

When studying multi-platform solutions it becomes very clear that fundamental goal is striving to achieved by all. The seamless delivery of rich media, information and applications to any device, regardless of transport, distribution system or user interface, providing the consumer with seamless, integrated and interactive access and management of their entertainment and communication services. A sound platform management solution needs to be integrated out-of-the-box, provide simplicity to solve a customer 's cost, and skill problems. As business move to incorporate more Storage Area Network (SAN) solutions, huge data centers, mobile devices ,and increasing cost. The need for such comprehensive platform management solutions are growing ever so important as managing the resources within your enterprise become increasingly critical and more complex. Many factors play a role in this increase, including the prevalence of networks, the increased dependency on IS resources, and the growing complexity of IS environments. The need for multi-platform solutions not only apply to the corporate communities but extend to the military and medical communities as well. An integrated platform management system when installed on board any class and size of navy surface vessel, the system monitors and controls all the power modules from the diesel engine and gas
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