Multi Cultural And Multi Racial

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Running Head – Caribbean Multi-cultural and Racial

The Multi-Cultural and Multi-Racial Caribbean

Michelle Knight

Essay Submitted for Caribbean History 27100

Professor Audra Diptee

Carleton University

June 14, 2016

The Multi-cultural and Multi-racial Caribbean

The Caribbean islands are a group of diverse islands throughout the Caribbean Sea. These islands can be as far south as the northern South America and as far north as southern North America. These islands have a history that is steeped in its own tradition and traditions from other nations. The Caribbean is a diverse populace that has representation of many cultural and racial bodies. Many of the Caribbean traditions exist because of the historical happenings in these islands during the colonial period. The multi-cultural aspects of the Caribbean resulted not only from labour demands in these countries but also because of global migration patterns.

Historical Influences

Many of the Caribbean islands were at some point part of colonization efforts by European countries (Hall, 1985). The sugar crop was a significant factor for these European colonies. The sugar crop turned out to be a profitable monocrop for these colonies and the labour needed to grow the crops spurred the growth of slaves that were brought to the Caribbean (Hall, 1985, p.77). In order to efficiently manage these crops and get them cultivated for sale in other economies there was a need for a large amount of…
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