Multi Dimensionality in the Seagull by Anton Chekhov Essay

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Anton Chekhov includes many dimensions to the plot of the Seagull in order to add increased depth to the story. The conflict, climax, complications, and denouement of the play all benefit from the wide range problems that Chekhov implants through the characters. In addition, the complex character relationships add to these events, without confusing the reader. These four events all rotate around the play's four main characters, Nina, Irina, Treplev and Trigorin. The play's central conflict is between Treplev and Trigorin, who holds the love of both Irina and Nina. Complicating this conflict is the relationship between Irina and Treplev and Irina's feelings towards Nina, Treplev's love interest. The climax of the play is a fight…show more content…
88). Treplev sarcastically refers to Trigorin as a "great luminary" and says that Nina melts in his rays. Treplev hopes to show Nina that Trigorin has the power to manipulate not only her, but also his mother Irina. In trying to prove this point to her, he says, "A fine character! you and I nearly quarrel over him, while he's in the drawing-room or garden or somewhere, laughing at us, and - drawing Nina out, trying to make her see what a genius he is" (II, P. 96-7). Both of these conflicts are primary to the play and the development of the characters. These problems are also complicated by Irina's obsession with being the center of attention. Treplev is most often at the receiving end of her need for attention, but she does not neglect the other characters of the play when it comes to her egotism. Complicating many of the problems in the play are somewhat minor conflicts between the main characters. These complications are centered on Irina, who feeds her ego at the expense of others. The focus of Irina's flaunting is Treplev, who becomes suicidal after feeling neglected. She says to Masha, "You're twenty-two and I'm nearly twice as old. Now Dr. Dorn, which of us looks younger? (after her responds, "you"). And why? Because I work, I feel, I'm always on the go while you (Masha) stay put - you're only half alive" (II, P. 82). Not only does Irina complicate the play by undermining Treplev's efforts, but also those of Nina. She says to Nina, "yes, and so

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