Multi Disciplinary Nature of Environmnental Studies

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OBJECTIVE OF THE STUDY – the need of making the environment education is to instill environmental ethics in to the fabric of our society and to impart the knowledge of nature and its importance in all walks of our life . LEARNING OUTCOMES- economy, business, agriculture, organisational culture, society research and development required no of hours – 3hrs

Environmental studies is a very broad academic field which examines the interactions between humans and their natural environment. As one might imagine, environmental studies is an interdisciplinary field, incorporating concepts as varied as geology and philosophy.
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Humidity, Rainfall, Sunshine.
 CLIMATE-conditions prevailing for long period of time
 HABITAT – is a home or place where an organisms dwells it is the place to occuupied by an organisms, population or community.
Environment components
The environment is usually divided into two parts :
1. Abiotic
2. Biotic

Abiotic – this represents all non- living elements found on the earth they are :
Temperature- life has developed on the planet due to the fact that temperature on earth is suitable to support life.the temperature effects metabolic activity ,growth ,human characteristics and appereances,food habits ,reproduction etc.
Water- water is abundantly found on the earth may it be in form of oceans ,rivers, lakes exists in many forms –vapour ,ice, snow etc. nature and water determines the type of vegetation
Light- it is the main source of energy for earth for plants the light is an input of photosynthesis hence producing oxygen and food which ultimately is consumed bu human beings
Air- air is made up of number of gases and provides oxygen for breathing it has components like wind ,humidity, etc.
Humidity-it is the amount water vapour present in the atmosphere.humidity determines the loss of water from land organisims by perspiration ,transpiration and other means.
Mineral elements- a large nimber of minerals are required by the organisms for their growth and
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