Multi Issue Negotiation Involving Six Groups

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This was a multiparty, multi-issue negotiation involving six groups’ representatives: Harborco, Environmental League, DCR, Other Ports, Unions and the Governor. Compared to the “Best Stuff on Earth” negotiation, this multiparty negotiation ran much smoother and was less stressful, not easier but less stressful. All the parties present knew exactly what they wanted to get out of the negotiation. We incorporated some of the tips learned from previous multiparty negotiations such as having an agenda (although minimal in this negotiation but still useful), a time keeper, a note taker/recorder and a discussion leader. Even though we struggled a bit at the beginning of the negotiation to see the bigger picture (or bigger pie), we were able to come together and get an agreement that benefited everyone. This negotiation was comprised of three formal scheduled rounds of voting by secret ballot (15min, 40min, and 75min into discussion).
Our first vote ended in failure because we started with a distributive bargaining mentality and not completely sharing information; which Dr. Shal instructed us to avoid doing. Most of us, me included, were reluctant to provide more information as to not give up all the power. But we quickly realized that we wouldn’t reach a satisfactory agreement without sharing more and creating a trusting atmosphere. We did much better on the second round of vote, as we reached a six-way agreement. We actually were the only group to have reached an agreement on…
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