Multi Modal Learning Style Analysis

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According to the Vark Questionnaire, I have a multi modal learning style. My highest scores on the test were aural and kinesthetic. Those two scores were both 11. My next score was for read and write was a 10. My last score I had for visual was an 8. I believe these scores were mostly correct of myself. I do tend to enjoy learning by the aural and kinesthetic method. While I am still able to learn through reading and writing, it is not my favorite way. Visual learning has always been a difficult way for me to learn. According to, aural learning is through listening, discussing, talking, questioning, and recalling. If you have a high aural learning score, you learn best by listening. You can understand the information best by discussing with peers. In my potential work environment I can learn easily by listening to surgeons while preparing patients for surgery. The best places to learn for an aural learner would be in…show more content…
Most kinesthetic learners use their senses to help them solve problems. These learners like to use previous experiences to help relate the information they are trying to grasp. Kinesthetic learners learn best when involved in the subject. Some examples are field trips, field tours and exhibits. This learning style can translate well to my future profession. It translates well when preparing tools for surgery. Reading and writing learning style learners need printed words for them to learn best. Notes, lists, and certain texts are what this learning style knows best. Work from textbooks help reading and writing learners the best. Most of these learners are more comfortable when having to use glossaries and dictionaries. These learners can usually learn well in the libraries, classrooms, and at home. This style can help me in becoming a better surgical tech by reading a patient’s medical records and recording
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