Multi Objective Optimization Of Environmental And Energy Planning Problems

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PhD (Operations Research)

Multiobjective optimization in environmental, economical and energy planning problems

Mohammad Asim Nomani
PhD Student
Department of Statistics & Operations Research
Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh, India
Mob: +91-9528072689
Multi-objective optimization in environmental and energy planning

Energy policy, environmental planning and economic development play a key role in sustainable development. Economic growth is closely linked to energy consumption since higher level of energy consumption leads to higher economic growth. Energy consumption is also closely linked with environmental pollutant. Environmental decisions are often complex and multifaceted and involve many different stakeholders with different priorities on objectives. Energy consumption, environmental planning and economic growth have been the subject of considerable academic research over the past few decades.
During the past decades different mathematical models for energy resources allocation and environmental planning have been developed and studied for both quantitative and qualitative criteria. Policymakers deal with energy-related issues and how they interact or affect economic growth and environmental quality. There are some factors in resources and environmental systems that need to be considered by planners and decision-makers such as legislation,
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