Multi Operational Schematics And Departmental Functions Within Each Institution

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Functionally Unit Interview: Today, many higher education institutions are very complex in their daily operational schematics and departmental functions within each institution itself. In my attempt to accomplish the task of researching and understanding the integral parts of higher institutions departments, I elected to investigate Academic Services/Advisement. Although, Academic Services is not affiliated with Student Affairs department, none the less, I was intrigued by the functionality and the operational process involved with this department. Interestedly, I wanted to conduct my research on an institution that was fairly close in proximity from the downtown area of St. Louis. Ultimately, with the vast number of institutions in the St. Louis region alone, I didn’t want to focus on institutions right in my own backyard. Selection Process: Therefore, my decision in selecting an institution simply came down to which institution I would attend, if Lindenwood wasn’t my first preference, so I chose SIUE. Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (SIUE) is located in Edwardsville, Illinois about 25 miles northeast from downtown St. Louis. SIUE is a four year liberal arts institution known throughout the region for offering several undergraduate and graduate level programs. Not only has SIUE publicly received high marks but also U.S. News & World Report has ranked them as one of the best

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