Multi Party Election : An Essential Institution Of Any Democratic State

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“Multi party election following legal procedures are universally regarded as an essential institution of any democratic state.”(LeDuc, Niemi & Norris 2010: 6). Democratic societies should have the following features according to Cason (2015): peaceful transfer of power by the result of election, opposition power that is not threaten, active communication between different social groups. A proper election facilitating democratic aims should allow universal suffrage and freedom for voters to make decision. Election is the vital tool for citizens to practise their power towards the leader and decide how government will function (LeDuc, Niemi & Norris 2010: 6). As shown in major literatures on election systems,“Different election systems produce different outcome (Riker 1982; Cox 1997 in Bowler& Grofman 2000: 5)”. If manipulated dextrously, election might even be used “cynically and symbolically” to suppress disagreement (Carson 2015). It is thus crucial to figure out a suitable and reliable election system to ensure rightfulness and fairness of the political system. This essay will try to figure out which voting system better facilities democratic aims by first a brief explanation on the AV and first-past-the-post SMP system, followed by detailed analyse on both the merits and disadvantages of the two systems and a comparison to find a more suiting system for democratic aims.

Single member plurality (SMP) electoral system is often used to elect members of a legislative

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