Multi Projects Inc Case Study

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CRANEFIELD COLLEGE OF PROJECT AND PROGRAMME MANAGEMENT MODULE M 1 GROUP ASSIGNMENT CASE: Multi Project Inc. (Multi projects strategic objective realisation through organisational structure, culture, and succession planning.) DATE: 07/06/2013 Please include the following declaration: “I/We hereby declare that this assignment is entirely our own work, and that it has not previously been submitted to any other Higher Education Institution. I/We also declare that all published and unpublished sources have been fully acknowledged and properly referenced. This includes figures, tables and exhibits. Where modified by us, this has also been indicated.” Print Name | Signature | ID Number | Deon Bouwer | | 7212015526084 | Janus Esterhuizen…show more content…
Through the balanced scorecard a path and flow for achieving the strategy and the mission of Multi Projects Inc can be achieved. This consists of determining the rules, principles and instruments that will ensure the bureaucratic functioning of both project and organisational activities in the internal processes of the company. Areas of focus for the investigation are identified in the case evaluation, while detail for each aspect was derived from both the internal and external organisational pressures that Multi Projects Inc is facing. Areas for Multi Projects Inc managers to focus on include the review of the matrix structure implementation, the processes, communication, organisational behaviour and succession planning within the company. The conclusion of the case analysis verified that the matrix organisation required structural changes that allows for programmes such as succession planning and ultimately the sustainability of the company. The organisational culture within Multi Projects Inc needs to be clearly addressed by management so that employee’s behaviour complements the business objectives and the strategy of Multi Projects Inc. Communication between the functional department and the project office requires more efficient systems and processes to be implemented allowing
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