Multicultural Awareness Analysis

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Journal: Multicultural Awareness

Multicultural Awareness will be discussed in this brief journal to identify the important guidelines of a mental health counselor when engaging with a diverse population within the counseling field. Multicultural Awareness is very important in the mental health counseling field due to many factors that counselors have to take into account to include: dissimilarities in religion and spirituality, beliefs, attitudes, sexual orientation, cultural norms and values systems, gender, age and maturity, socioeconomic class, family history, and even geographic location (Sue, Arrendondo, & McDavis, 1992).
In the mental health counseling field, many professional counselors who continue to work with a diverse population by law have to assist those individuals/clients in defining, analyzing and identifying with their underlying issues, dilemmas, and concerns to establish the root cause of
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These developmental stages are related to my childhood and adolescent experience because Being “Other” helped me analyze how the majority and minority identities are constructed within a family and social environment. Being “Other” was strange at an early age but it helped me understand and define my qualities of being different or unusual Laureate Education, Inc. (Executive Producer). (2010). Today I continue to define my true self-knowing that I can be a scholar that reaches great heights if I just apply my talents, skills, education and knowledge in all areas of my life. Through continued education, I understand today through my readings and the media that behaviors are often thought as being natural or innate and this is something that people are sometimes born with Laureate Education, Inc. (Executive Producer).
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