Multicultural Class And Socioeconomic Status

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According to Multicultural Education in a Pluralistic Society, the United States is comprised of almost 300 different ethnic groups (46). These groups, which make up the population of the United States, are all educated in some way shape or form in American school systems across the country. Educators have to create their instruction in such a way to be inclusive toward all these groups, especially in very diverse areas. By teaching about different cultures to the class they can have a better understanding of where their classmates originate from and be more accepting. Teachers set an example in the classroom for students. If teachers are discriminatory or unaccepting towards those who look different, students will pick up on these…show more content…
Teachers must be willing to work and be flexible with all students no matter what the socioeconomic class. Teachers have to work with student’s gender and sexual orientation on a daily basis in the class. Many times teachers can absently mindedly treat children a certain way based off of their gender. Females are often encouraged into more nurturing activities as a child such as playing house or with dolls. Males are encouraged to play with cars, trucks and trains as a child. These gender stereotypes are forced onto children at a young age, but teachers should encourage play with all different manipulatives in order to create the best learning environment. A student’s sexual orientation can be a very secretive part of their lives until they feel comfortable sharing it with others or until they figure out it out themselves. Sexual orientation involves whom a person is attracted to as well as gender diversity such as transgender or intersex (145). Teachers have the responsibility to teach their students that being different is just fine and diversity is what makes everyone unique. Many times children will not understand why a boy in their class dresses like a girl and usually that boy doesn’t even know why he likes what he likes, but a teacher must support every student in any way the need it. Exceptional people are a group of individuals, which include those with disabilities and those who are gifted (174).
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