Multicultural Competence : The Cinderella Of Psychology

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As a woman of color in a working class family, I barely met other people of color who openly discussed emotions, mental health, or mental illness. During my graduate studies, I was typically 1 out of 5 ethnically diverse students in the majority of my classes, and 1 of 2 in my undergraduate studies. These experiences made me aware that there is a lack of mental health representation amongst people of color. Although my interest in understanding perception, emotional processes, and trauma, developed long before my pursuit of higher education, I realized the importance of pursing a PsyD. is not only for personal growth, but also to better serve my community.

I am interested in advancing and refining my proficiency at Capella University because of its meritable reputation in clinical and research training. In addition, I am interested in a scholarly setting that will challenge me and enhance my practitioner-researcher skill. I am also eager to work under the supervision of Dr. La Keita Carter, as her interest in trauma and multicultural issues parallel my interest. After reading, “Multicultural Competence: The Cinderella of Psychology”, I was encouraged by her tenacious stance that: “Psychologists should not make the effort to be multiculturally competent; they should be multiculturally competent. Period” (Carter, 2013, p.1). I would be privileged to work alongside Dr. Carter to study interventions for overcoming multicultural issues in therapy, multicultural issues in

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