Multicultural Competency Paper

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Multicultural Competency Paper Multicultural Psychology 535 Dr. Mary Ann Cejki, M.S., Ph.D. Multicultural Competency Guideline 1: Psychologists are encouraged to recognize that, as cultural beings, they may hold attitudes and beliefs that can detrimentally influence their perceptions of and interactions with individuals who are ethnically and racially different from themselves (American Psychological Association, 2003). I agree that psychologist can hold many different beliefs concerning others. The beliefs can sometimes hinder a person from growing emotionally, and cognitively. In my opinion it is important for the professional to be familiar with the diversity that may exist in their patients and remain professional in their…show more content…
I am the product of a military upbringing, which allowed me to live in different parts of the world. This allowed me and my family to explore what other cultures are like as well as realize that Americans and our way of life is not the only culture that exists on the entire planet. I realized that the negative perceptions that other Americans had of people of German and Asian descent was directly related to lack of exposure and an unwillingness to educate ourselves about other cultures. I do not pass judgment towards others however I do expect people to show me the same understanding and respect that I show them. I also take in consideration that their life experience may influence them to have biases, perceptions and an attitude towards me. Another one of my strengths is my ability to see people for where they are and not where they should be. I worked in human services for well over 20 years in some form or fashion. I have had exposure with a vast array of different populations that included the mentally challenged, homeless, substance abusers, geriatrics, and people with HIV and AID’s. All of my relationships were very unique; I always learned and took something away from every one of them. One of the shortcomings that I still struggle with is the high expectations that I place on my
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