Multicultural Considerations in Business

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Multicultural Considerations in Business There are many different impacts that culture has on the way business is conducted; cultural systems of values and beliefs lead to specific interpretations of events and interactions, and different demands and expectations for business relationships often exist for individuals from different cultural backgrounds. Engaging in international and multicultural business requires a level of understanding and awareness of specific cultural issues that might arise due to different customs, perspectives, and values, and a general awareness of the influence of culture is a good thing in business as well as it allows for ongoing learning and consideration without rushing to judgment. Through both a specific and a general understanding of cultural issues in business, more effective strategies for conducting business on an international level can be developed and implemented. The following paragraphs provide specific examples from four differently cultures, identifying the importance of cultural understanding in all international dealings. In Saudi Arabia, familial ties are an immensely important part of most businesses, and end up dominating most domestic business partnerships in the world of finance and medium- to large-scale corporate enterprises (Long, 2005). What might be considered unfair or inappropriate in terms of family ties between different businesses and in making deals is considered natural and commonplace in Saudi culture, and
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