Multicultural Curriculum For A Multicultural Classroom

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When I first started this class I was aware of multicultural curriculum but I was not aware of how important it was in a classroom setting. As the weeks have gone by in this class, I have learned that multicultural curriculum is important because it 's a way for teachers to include all children from diverse backgrounds. As we 've have progressed in the study of multicultural curriculum we have learned to address important topics such as biases, social justice, stereotypes, the development of identity and how to communicate with parents.
The purpose of this paper is to inform our readers of how a multicultural education benefits children. How can teachers create a multicultural learning community, and how can teachers help guide children
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(Igoa p. 44). (Robert Cole p. 3).
There are many factors that can help a child achieve a better outcome in a school setting, as teachers we should be able to identify each of our student’s individual strengths, their pastimes and how can we support their needs so that they can master their full potential.
Early childhood teachers play an important role in supporting and increasing nondiscriminatory learning and appropriate developmental outcomes for all children. (Madeleine saffigna p.5). It is important for educators to believe that all children deserve opportunities and materials to achieve the highest potential of learning. Teacher 's need to assist children to distinguish and to put to practice these characteristics, it is important for teachers to instantly intercede when conflicting messages of one’s identity are expressed. Classrooms transform into a prominent place where children can learn to be content with themselves and their families this helps them to notice the differences amongst each other and to treat people respectfully and to speak up when they feel that others are being biased.
It is essential for teachers to emulate on their own perception of the children they render services to and the possible revelation of diversity. To have a successful multicultural classroom is important for teachers to accept the lives of the families and their children.
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