Multicultural Education : A High Level Of Learning

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Through multicultural education we are awarded with a unique opportunity to effectively alter the opinions of individuals. The effects of these courses have been demonstrated in multiple studies and while the subjects of this research is often college students, these effects are easily generalizable to the rest of the population. Although this generalizability is there, it can be understood why it be the most effective to begin with college age students. This is often lauded as a critical point in development for most young adults. It is a time where students are at a higher level of learning, while critical thinking and personal challenge is at a poignant high. This period in life and development is difficult to duplicate and for this reason this is the perfect place to implement this form of education and begin changing the underlying racist and sexist thought processes that support biased systems. By taking advantage of this, we will equalize the understanding of future generations and create a system where multicultural education is no longer necessary as they will teach the generations to come after them.
To begin changing future generations, we must first change our present. A university setting is the best option for conducting a multicultural education course; students are already being exposed to social issues they possibly were not familiar with previously through courses already offered by their university. History courses like African History or Introduction to…
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