Multicultural Education And Educational Education

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According to Sonia Nieto, the definition of multicultural education is defined in sociopolitical context and relates to comprehension of school reform. Namely, the multicultural education works in reforming schools and providing an equal and excellent education for everyone. Likewise, the author gave a definition of multicultural education based on her experience surrounding education environment. She divides multicultural education into seven basic characteristics: antiracist education, basic education, important for all students, pervasive, education for social justice, a process, and critical pedagogy (Nieto & Bode, 2012). Overall, multicultural education needs to be understood as antiracist education. This is the first step to ensure that students have assess to a wide variety of viewpoints. The teachers should be an opened-mind to accept individual learning styles distinctively. The schools and teachers should provide school policies, curriculum, and materials which can link with the rejection of racism and other forms of discrimination in schools and society. Also, among teachers, students, and students’ families should have a good interaction and relationship. Since the author asserts multicultural education is basic education, it 's not something that is separate from the curriculum and the climate in the school. The author describes the failure of monocultural education as an incomplete education. The students have limited background knowledge and experience in…
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