Multicultural Education And Social Justice Education

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Claim: After having researched the five approaches to multicultural education, I believe the best fit for me would be Multicultural social justice education. I would feel the most comfortable teaching in this way, because I feel it is the most beneficial to the students and our society as a whole. Evidence: The message and purpose of this approach is so powerful, that I cannot help but be inspired by it. "Its purpose is to prepare future citizens to take action to make society better serve the interests of all groups of people, especially those who are of color, poor, female, or have disabilities." (Pg: 50) While the social justice education does build on the other approaches to Multicultural Education, it stands apart in four major ways. 1. Democracy is actively participated in schools 2. Students learn how to analyze institutional inequality in their own life circumstances 3. Students learn to engage in social action so they can change unfair social processes. 4. Bridges are built between various oppressed groups. (Pg: 50-51) Each of these differentiating pillars of social justice education is vital to its success. Teaching children about democracy, and how to become active members of it is so important. Students need to experience this first hand, by debating, taking social action, and using their power. I could not agree more with the approach of giving children the opportunity to direct their own learning. This gives children the ability to "learn and develop skills
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