Multicultural Education : Characteristics And Goals

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As James A. Banks describes in his book Multicultural Education: Characteristics and Goals, multicultural education is the idea behind creating equal educational opportunities for all students, independently of their race, ethnicity, or social-class. It is an important influencing factor of the school environment that reflects the diverse cultural groups of its community. Multicultural education is also the process teachers and administrators follow in order to achieve the ideal of equal education opportunities (1997). Introduction to Diversity for Educators is an essential course for teachers. The course contents encourage us, future educators, to look inward and examine our personal biases, which, if done honestly, will positively influence our teaching and our future students’ outcome. I found the textbook, Cultural Competence: A Primer for Educators, to be engaging as well as a useful tool to keep for future reference. Although its content may seem to rely heavily on anecdotes, it is precisely those examples and anecdotes that make the topics so much more relatable. Achieving cultural competence requires a clear understanding of the nuances of the culturally different students. Their behavior, learning styles, and motivations are influenced by their race, ethnicity, culture, and socio-economic status, so in order to better contribute to their education I need to keep in mind such nuances. Children do not come to school leaving their family support (or lack
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