Multicultural Education Essay

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Multicultural Education What is multicultural education, and how is it relevant to science instruction? Over the past decade, educators have ignored this question and instead, they have focused on ways and methods of incorporating multiculturalism in the humanities. In the most recent assessment of Virginias Science Standards of Learning, Virginia received a grade of D, almost failing, in part because of the absence of a multicultural approach towards instruction. In research and discussions with professionals in the fields of both elementary science and multicultural education, we learned and discussed numerous ways for teachers to consider this crucial element in their classrooms. In particular, Virginia educators must stress the…show more content…
In an interview with Dr. C, a leading educator in multicultural issues, we learned that recognizing diversity facilitates a more active learning experience for the student because it emphasizes understanding in terms of different perspectives rather than just learning the facts. Children are not all the same, and consequently, the way that they all do science will not be the same. According to a computer science professor, Were up against something cultural (Cone, P. 1, 1998) as far as diversity in science fields. As a result, teachers must find a way to make science appealing to everyone, and multicultural education is one way to facilitate communication in all subjects between students, their teachers, and the rest of society. In Virginia, the Standards of Learning mostly ignore the issues of multiculturalism in science and this must change in order to ensure the development of multicultural education in the Virginia sciences. It is vital that students understand not only the hows and whys of science, but also the whos. Children have a strong image of a white male, with glasses and messy hair, as the standard scientist (Chambers, 1983), but it is our job to erase that image and show them that scientists look just like them. In fact, there are scientists of every race, ethnicity, gender, and socioeconomic background. Teachers need to provide this
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