Multicultural Education Should Promote Cultural Consciousness, Empower Intercultural Awareness

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programs, with the goal of social justice agenda as a result. It is important to mention that the community immersion experiences are and important companion for the multicultural education classes ( Sleeter, 2001). Multicultural education should aim to creating a safe and a productive full access learning experience for all students equally with no consideration for race, color and background, Increasing awareness of global issues. It should enhance cultural consciousness, empower intercultural awareness, teach multiple historical perspectives, promote critical thinking and prevent prejudice and discrimination. On another note, teachers should benefit from multicultural education to help students to develop positive self-image, offer equal educational access and opportunity, encourage critical and multiple modes of thinking. Teachers should also eliminate and stir a way from stereotyping and prejudice in addition to teaching students to critique society from the social justice view. Diverse students population in the classrooms face many challenges and difficulties from approaches, settings, teachers` attitudes, testing and the lack of a sensitive cultural pedagogy that would address their needs and backgrounds. It is important to implement a student-centered environment and ensure that each students is placed and tested appropriately(Mickler & Chapel, 1993). It is important to identify students` needs and be flexible in an exchangeable free democratic and
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