Multicultural Experience : My Family

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Multicultural Experience
My identified family My Nuclear family consists of my mother, my father, my little brother and I. While this is my nuclear family, my external family has played a crucial part in my development. Growing up, I have always counted on an extensive family system during some stressful situations. This is one of the reasons why when my family had to separate to come to the United States, I was able to cope with the transition gracefully. This experience provided my family with the tools to cope with adversity. The experience of being separated from my family has provided the circumstances to test how I deal with stressful situations. More importantly, it gave me hope for positive outcomes even in the face of adversity.
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Having a strong family system in the Dominican Republic was a resource that helped us through the years my family was separated. We were able to find coping skills that allowed us to develop in what I consider a positive way in spite of very real stress. In the end, my brother and I waited for 4 years and reunited with our parents in 2005.
As mentioned before, a clarity of intent and a sense of unity within my family were some of the ways I was able to cope with some of the most stressful situations in my upbringing. It was clear that my parents wanted a better future for both my brother and I. My Father does not know how to read or write as he had a very neglectful upbringing. My mother was only able to finish her 8th grade and quit early on. The opportunity, for both my brother and I to get an education in the United States was an image that became a powerful motive for my parents. I try to carry this value that allows me to cherish every opportunity that comes my way. With this in mind, I managed to learn to speak English and graduate from the Lawrence High school, in Lawrence Massachusetts. While I had support, I had some difficulties with my peers. There was language barrier that made it difficult to fit in at times. As I was learning the language, it was common to hear “Hick” which was a colloquial slang word used in Lawrence to describe
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