Multicultural Literature And Film : What 's Cooking?

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Caine McNames Mrs. Love Hilliard Multicultural Literature and Film 30 September 2016 What’s Cooking In the film “What’s Cooking?” by Gurinder Chadha we learn lesson of tolerance, forgiveness, and acceptance in the Jewish Seelig family: Herb (Maury Chaykin) the Father, Ruth (Lainie Kazan) the mother, Aunt Bea (Estelle Harris) the aunt, Art (Albie Selznick) the brother, Rachel (Kyra Sedgwick) the Daughter, and Carla (Julianna Margulies) Rachel’s Girlfriend. In the movie Rachel and Carla Flew from San Francisco to have Thanksgiving with Rachel 's Family. Rachel and Carla have visited for Thanksgiving multiple times before but there 's a major announcement in the end that will really push the family 's acceptance of their Daughter. The first mini conflict upon Rachel and Carla arriving is this old lady they were helping and she accused them of being sisters, Rachel and Carla laughed about it. When they finally arrived at Rachel 's parents house, her parents were very hesitant and awkward about Carla. When Carla reached out to hug and kiss, Ruth froze in place not really knowing what to do leaving it at awkward stance. Then when Carla moved to greet Herb, He completely avoided any contact and directed her attention to the dog he was holding. After they brought their stuff in Herb showed Carla where their room was and the beds were separated. There 's no real major conflicts at the beginning of the film. But through Carla 's stay Rachel 's parents are very awkwarded out by
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