Multicultural Literature Essay

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Multicultural literature is a way of increasing cultural awareness. Through multicultural books many young readers are able to make a connection with their own culture or better yet, further explore another culture. Authors use different themes such as culture, politics, and even personal barriers to show different cultures. At times though, this genre will often reveal the “ugly roots for even the greatest literature” (Multicultural).
The phrase “ugly roots” emphasizes that what readers may not want to hear about a culture, including their own, will be told. Nothing is held back in this type of reading, everything is told- there are no secrets. The writing is a source of information that helps readers to better understand the
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When they were younger, their mother would buy them all the same things but each in their own color, and all the clothes she made for them was even color coordinated.
Sandra was known as the artistic daughter, who was always very imaginative. She always wanted to be an artist, but after coming to America, things begin to change
(Contemporary). She feels as if she was not good enough and began to put a lot of pressure on herself. A major event that later led to her submitting herself into a mental home was when she saw a woman kiss her father. She was very young, and seeing a “white lady” kiss her father caused her to wonder why life would allow this to happen to her. She never told anyone what she saw, because she was not even sure if it was something bad and if it was who would believe her. With the lack of being able to express her feelings, she began to make herself go crazy by thinking she was moving backwards in evolution. Sandra started to think she saw her features changing and was turning into an ugly monkey. This symbolized herself growing apart from the world. The evolution theory of hers showed how she felt apart from the world and was slowly growing apart in her own way.
Yolanda, the third daughter has the most trouble with finding herself. It all starts in her childhood when she had still lived in the Dominican Republic. She was known as the tomboy in the family and did not understand why
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