Multicultural Perspectives Of Practice : Msw 553

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California State University Dominguez Hills

Multicultural Perspectives of Practice
MSW 553

Narineh Kamali

Final Paper

December 9, 2014

In my last year’s placement I had the privilege of Interning at the Veteran’s Affairs in the Spinal Cord Injury clinic. In the SCI clinic I worked closely with Veterans who had experienced spinal cord injury, which resulted in permanent paralyses such as paraplegia or quadriplegia. Ms. Cynthia Jackson was one of my clients that had an enormous impact on me. Ms. Jackson is 55 year old African American. Ms. Jackson served in the United Air force in the late 1970’s post-Vietnam War and was based in Germany. While serving in Air force, Ms. Jackson severely injured her back in tanker truck accident which resulted in paralysis in her lower exterminates. Ms. Jackson is wheelchair bond due to her paraplegia, client was referred to the SCI clinic for case management and counseling services.
Ms. Jackson was born and raised in Mississippi and moved to California when she was 13 years of age with her entire family. In addition, my client shared the struggles she faced growing up in predominately white neighborhood. Ms. Jackson expressed she was reminded daily that she was black regardless of her achievements while growing up. My client clearly remembers the conversation she had with her parents before moving to California in regards to the inequalities she will be confronted with being a women of color. Ms. Jackson is divorced and

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