Multicultural Reflection

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Each and every one of our multicultural journeys toward cultural competence is overwhelmingly diverse. The personal identities that every human being represents are a unique way of displaying how understanding cultural diversity is essential. The multicultural aspect expresses how society contains distinct cultural and ethnic groups that live alongside one another. These groups may also display distinct behaviors, morals, values, language and more. With that in mind, becoming aware of our personal worldviews and false assumptions about human behavior can lead to the elimination of biases and the opportunity to become culturally competent. Understanding and being open-minded to culture differences is essential to me. Not only as a professional health practitioner, but more so as an individual who was raised in an African culture. I learned how to function within my culture norm as it pertained to spirituality, striving for social justice and learning how to be open-minded toward other cultures as I continue to advocate for my own.
As a an African female at the age of twenty-three, I can confidently express that I am well-knowledgably about my culture norms. Although, learning may tend to be an ongoing process; I am well of aware of certain values and morals I have lived by. My mother and father traveled to the United States from the Democratic Republic of Congo after they got married. I was born not to long after they made a new living. As one might imagine, their views of

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